Projects Fair


District 2120 is proud to present the Projects Fair
”Make your projects stronger"
which will take place in Bari from 24 to 28 April 2024.

Friendship and Service are guiding principles for Rotary International and for its activity around the world. Our objective is therefore to make this approach concrete and operational with a Project Fair, the best way for Clubs and Rotarians to connect and to collaborate with global partners for Global Grants.

Promoting our initiatives and networking are imperative for Rotarians.

We will be remembered for what we do, for our feeling of humanity, for our commitment to alleviate  discomfort and suffering. Forall this reasons we need to collaborate and join forces.

Participants will also have the opportunity to discover two Italian regions, Puglia and Basilicata, which have so much to offer for their artistic and natural heritage.

A weekend in Bari, not only to do good in the world but also to pleasantly meet and visit the city, with its history, its beautiful colours and light and, of course, taste its traditional cuisine.

We wait for you to share ideas, join forces and "Make your projects stronger".




Useful Information

In order to make participation more pleasant and flexible, we have divided the booking structure into three parts:


the first

(mandatory) for in-person participation and presentation of the project, which is registration. This concerns the official representative of the project and may or may not include companions.

the second

concerns the tourist proposals, which are also very flexible, because a trip is proposed on day 25 and two different tourist activities on day 26, one in the morning and the other in the afternoon

the third

for hotel reservations: we suggest two partner hotels, but participants are free to book wherever they prefer, keeping in mind that the collection and reference point, both for the activity on day 27 and for departures and arrivals of the trips is the Circolo Unione in Via Alberto Sordi, 7.


How to participate

Our Fair has the aim to give Rotary clubs the opportunity to showcase their service projects to potential global partners and to find financial support; in addition it gives international visitors a chance to find a project that meets their club's goals.

Fill in the "Project Form" to submit your project!

It will also be possible, upon request, to promote your idea displaying a roll-up or a poster in an dedicated area, a projects exhibition, with the presence (optional) of your Club delegate who can illustrate the project to visitors.
Projects will then be presented officially on April 27th (see Project Fair Program).
At the end of the presentation, Rotarians will choose the best projects by voting. The top three projects will be financed by the fair fund constituted by registration fees.

Participation Fee
€ 100,00 for Project submission (it includes primary contact's registration in person + lunch)
€ 70,00 in person participation (includes light lunch)
€ 30,00 online participation

Registration fees will constitute a fund for projects financing. The amount will be divided equally between the three winning projects.

All projects presented will be reported, so that Clubs can choose the project to support.


Take a look and
Discover Unique Tours

Organising Committee is very excited to welcome Rotary members and guests in Bari!

Here our tour proposals

Suggested hotels

  • Hotel Oriente (Five minutes walk from Circolo Unione, Venue of the Fair)

Corso Cavour, 32
70122 Bari - Italia

Phone; Whatsapp: (+39) 080 5255100

  • Hotel Boston (ten minutes walk from Circolo Unione, Venue of the Fair).

Reservation Code: ROTARY 24-28 APRILE 2024

Note: as for the high volume of requests, we suggest to reserve a room as soon as possible and by the end of December (also to have the best price)

For organizing reasons, we ask you to send us a copy of your reservation by e-mail

Visit the link to find the best solution to get the city centre from Bari Airport:

Download the official App MUVT to get around in Bari with public transportation

Organizing Committee
Coordinatore Achille Cusani. Rotary Club Trani
Vice-coordinatore Franco Paolicelli. Rotary Club Matera
Stefania Mandurino. Rotary Club Lecce Sud
Virginia Milone. Rotary Club Bari
Nicola Nuzzolese. Rotary Club Bari Sud
Luciano Magaldi. Rotary Club Foggia Umberto Giordano
Antonio Rubino. Rotary Club Taranto Magna Grecia
Roberto Santomarco. Rotary Club Ostuni
Vito Telesca. Rotary Club Potenza Torre Guevara
Federica Angiulli. Rotaract Bari
Angelica Milella. Rotaract Acquaviva delle Fonti

Nicola Marco Abbate. Rotary Club Bari Mediterraneo
Olimpia Cassano. Rotary Club Bari
Saverio De Girolamo. Rotary Club Manfredonia
Erika Brescia. Segreteria Distrettuale
Luciana Lopopolo. Segreteria Distrettuale
Luigi Di Lorenzo. Rotary Club Bari
Giancarlo Petrosino. Rotary Club Bari Mediterraneo
Gaetano Scamarcio. Rotary Club Bari

District 2120 Secretary
Erika Brescia e Luciana Lopopolo
mail: Ph. +39 0805234620

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