L’apprezzamento del Presidente internazionale Ian Riseley per la Conferenza di Taranto

Il Presidente del Rotary International, Ian Riseley, ha scritto al Governatore del Distretto 2120 Gianni Lanzilotti per esprimere tutto il suo apprezzamento per l’organizzazione della Presidential Peacebuilding Conference 2018, svoltasi a Taranto il 27 e 28 aprile scorsi.
Qui di seguito il testo della lettera, che è datata 15 maggio 2018.

“I am writing to express my heartfelt thanks and appreciation for your hard work and leadership in organizing the Rotary Presidential Peacebuilding Conference in Taranto, Italy. The effort and professionalism invested in the planning were obvious to all, and reflected in the quality of the event.
I was delighted at the outcome of the Taranto conference, both the strength of the presentations and the level of interest and enthusiasm that was evident among the participants. Indeed, all of the conferences to date have demonstrated the strength of Rotary’s desire to build peace through all of its service, and to leverage our work in all of our Areas of Focus more effectively. These conferences were an important step toward that goal.
It could not have happened without you, and without the other dedicated Rotarians from around the world who stepped forward and gave countless hours of effort to ensure their success.
I truly believe that Rotary’s work in peacebuilding is helping the world become a better, healthier, and safer place. Thank you for everything that you have done to support that work, by organizing this conference, and through all your Rotary service.
Ian Riseley



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